Blocked Drains Bentleigh

Blocked Drains in Bentleigh

TJ Plumbing can clear your blocked drain. Anything you put down your toilet or drainpipe that won’t decompose such as hair, toys, fat from cooking or sanitary pads can block your sewerage pipe. However, in our experience, one of the major causes of a blocked sewerage pipes is a root from a shrub or tree growing into the joins of your pipes.

Shower and bath drains mostly clog at the strainer or trap and very rarely clog further down the line if the pipe is plastic and graded correctly.

If you are experiencing any of the following problems you need to call Tim ASAP on 0416 112 753 and he will solve all of your plumbing problems

  • A gurgling noise from any of your fixtures means you have a partial block
  • Sewage flowing out of your overflow relief gully or coming up from your shower or bath waste pipe means you have a full block
  • If your toilet isn’t flushing
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