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When carbon-based fuels are burned, they produce several byproducts including Carbon monoxide. Carbon fuels like gas, petrol, wood and even tobacco produce carbon monoxide on combustion. The gas has no colour and smell and most of the time goes undetected, causing major accidents. Although Carbon Monoxide is available in the environment naturally, the levels of the gas are pretty low which does not affect human health. With proper ventilation provisions, Carbon monoxide can dissipate easily without harming life or environment. However, if the levels of the gas get really high, and a lot of it is inhaled by a human, it can result in fatality.

When high in concentration, Carbon monoxide can be dangerous for human life. It has almost 200 times more affinity than the oxygen for hemoglobin, the art of the blood that carries oxygen. This means that if the lungs are filled with carbon monoxide, it will pick up the bloodstream too quickly and spread all over the body. As common functioning, the cells and tissues in the body need oxygen from Hemoglobin, which also takes away the carbon dioxide produced. Carbon Monoxide can destroy this equilibrium and affect the normal functioning of oxygen going to the tissues and carbon dioxide being taken away. The organs that get affected by this destruction include the brain. As soon as CO poisoning starts in the body, the first symptom is confusion and lack of concentration. This means that the person being affected with carbon monoxide does not know what is wrong and cannot work towards altering the danger. Oher symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, breathlessness, fatigue and more. If not treated in time, the symptoms can become lethal.

It is very important to effectively handle carbon monoxide as it is very hazardous. First of all, it is important to ensure that all types of heating appliances like gas heaters are properly ventilated. Engaging professional plumbers to check and ensure the efficiency of your gas heaters is important.  Also, you must look for any signs for appliances omitting CO.

If the gas flame is burning orange it means that the appliance is not burning properly and must be serviced. This type of gas appliance may emit CO in irregular quantities. The high CO levels can be very dangerous. The CO over emitting is common in appliances that are poorly ventilated. 

Make sure you engage professional plumbers to check the appliances and ensure that there is no CO poisoning.

Some additional precautions to take to prevent CO poisoning include:

  1. Avoid gas range heating systems in homes with poor ventilation. 
  2. Do not warm your vehicle in the garage during the winter season. 
  3. Make sure the ventilation system in the house is up and running smoothly. 
  4. Get a carbon monoxide detector at home and get it checked by a professional in frequent intervals.

Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous gas and it’s important to take precautions. Hope you know everything about the gas and safety against Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

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